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Modern Color Negative by Tim Coulson

Modern Color Negative is strong and punchy enough to have a real personality to it while staying rooted in a classic and timeless filmic style. Designed to work with a diverse range of photography, from shoots in sunny Yosemite all the way to snow covered Canada in the middle of winter, to beautiful intimate weddings and heartfelt family sessions and engagements.

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Summer Grace

Authentic by Summer Grace provides a timeless cinematic aesthetic that preserves the true essence of your photos. It blends Summer Grace’s signature style with your personal touch, featuring custom, elegant color tones for a refined, neutral look.

Rick Liston

Afterglow offers dreamy elegance akin to a Tom Ford fragrance, with muted tones letting subjects shine. Ideal for outdoor photographers capturing natural light, it enhances authenticity without overshadowing the photo. Perfect for sunset chasers and champagne moments. Drag your mouse over each image to see the before and after.

Dark & Stormy
Hinterland Stills

Dark & stormy is dramatic in all senses, from greens that are rich and full of depth, orange undertones balancing against punchy highlights and sharp contrast, finished with a crunchy grain to give shadows a texture that can almost be touched while retaining natural skin tones amidst the drama. My style works especially well in mixed outdoor settings, golden hour backlight and really shows its full potential when shooting slightly (read: one full stop) underexposed. I’ve always loved movies where you can press pause and the still frame feels like a piece of art all on its own, I believe dark & stormy elicits the same sensation across images it’s used with.

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