Elixir Developer

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Updated: 24th July 2019


You will be developing services in Elixir and Erlang, providing API to our client applications, rendering content, and delivering assets as quickly as possible. You will work closely with all team members to build out new product and features. You will get to write idiomatic, performant, distributed, and concurrent Elixir code day in and day out, and then see it live in the wild. Our users expect our service to be fast and reliable, you will take this to heart and work hard to keep the promise.


  1. Writing performant Elixir and Erlang code across multiple services.
  2. Writing tests and building out large test suites for our unique offerings.
  3. Work with the front-end team to understand their requirements and deliver fast, secure, and idiomatic API to them.
  4. Work alongside our Head of Engineering to design, test and deploy new services into production.
  5. Work to ensure we have insight and monitoring on critical services.


  1. At least 3 years of real world experience with backend software.
  2. An understanding of functional and concurrent programming.
  3. Experience writing Elixir or Erlang code.
  4. Experience with AWS, in particular EC2, ECS, RDS, SQS, and S3.
  5. Experience using Git and contributing to a codebase via the GitFlow methodology.
  6. Handy: understanding of GraphQL specification.
  7. Handy: understanding of low-level tcp sockets.
  8. Handy: understanding of Terraform, and have deployed infrastructure with it.
  9. Handy: have played with ML models and image vision algorithms.

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