Go Engineer

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We’re looking for an experienced engineer to join our service team in building some incredibly exciting product we have in the pipeline. In this role you will be writing performant, idiomatic, and concurrent Go code. You care deeply about getting to the root of the problem, you have a first principles approach to problem solving, and relentless in the face of insurmountable challenges. You are happy to think outside the box, and work in environments unfamiliar to you. Your work at Narrative will not only contribute to a world class product, but also help define an entire new category in the making. You will report directly to the CTO, and happily interact with any of the engineering, design and product teams. If you’re excited about working at an early stage startup and building it from the ground-up, comfortable wearing many hats, and eager to positively impact our company’s products, we’d love to hear from you!


  1. Writing performant Go code across multiple architectures and platforms.
  2. Writing tests and building out large test suites for our unique offerings.
  3. Work with the front-end team to understand their requirements and deliver fast, secure, and idiomatic API to them.
  4. Work alongside our CTO to design, test and deploy new features into production.
  5. Work to ensure we have insight and monitoring on code running in the wild.


  1. At least 3 years of real-world experience writing systems related code.
  2. An understanding of a variety of programming paradigms (functional, concurrent, etc.).
  3. Experience writing Go code.
  4. Experience using Git and contributing to a codebase via the GitFlow methodology.
  5. Handy: understanding of low-level tcp sockets.
  6. Handy: have experience with 'embedded' style environments, c(++) codebases, and thinking about manual memory.
  7. Handy: have played with ML models and running them in the wild.
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