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Join the team inventing the future of image selection.

At Narrative we are solving the problem of photo desirability- that is, to understand what the most desirable image is from a scene of images. We believe, by solving the problem of photo desirability we can change the future of photography. What if your camera knew the perfect moment to capture the image? But there's a reason why this is still an un-solved problem, it's hard. We believe in a future where AI is deeply connected with photography and the pathway to this future is via leveraging the professional photographer to help us train and validate our models. Narrative is backed by some of the best VC's worldwide and with talent from Uber and Google and some of NZ best developers together working to solve this.

Today, we provide precise, objective indication on specific elements of a photo. We believe this is an incremental problem - we cannot solve this by sitting in a room, and producing one model to rule them all. Instead, it is a learning process, a gradual developing sophistication of our understanding of the world. This role, places you in the driving seat of this problem. You will lead the core philosophical thinking, scientific research, and engineering architecture, and deployment of all aspects of this problem. You will live, breath, and sleep desirability. You will look for ways to combine traditionally isolated problems, in order to drive performant, efficient, and compact models. You will constantly seek out new techniques to the problems we face - the lines between image vision and say NLP, are blurry to you; colours of a more general problem. You know how to wear many hats. You can grok cutting edge science, and find opportunity for the problems we face, but you can also explore the nature of a good photo with photographers and professionals. You understand what it takes to ship AI. You know that great models are not enough, it takes hard engineering and collaboration to ship product.

None of this scares you (ok, it should scare you a little). You are excited about the enormity of the problem. You get energy from people telling you it can't be done. You believe in a world where this must be done. You are excited about working alongside a deeply passionate, diverse group of people. You love being challenged in your ideas, and challenging the ideas of those around you. You love the idea of combining cutting edge science with customer facing product. You love leading a team, seeking the best out of everyone. You know how to direct long term research, measure its performance, and direct individuals along the way. If this sounds like you, if you can't stop thinking about desirability, then we would love to hear from you.

You might work on:

  • Leading longterm discussion about the nature and attributes of photography.
  • Engage in cross-functional discussion with product, design, and marketing teams to get closer to the customer, and the core problems we face.
  • Design, architect, and lead the research, and development of various machine learning models.
  • Leading, and directing a passionate team of data scientists, and ML engineers.

We're looking for someone who:

  • Has a PhD or equivalent in Computer Science or similar.
  • Has experience leading a team in solving analytical problems using quantitive approaches.
  • Has experience leading theoretical and empirical research to solve concrete problems.
  • Has knowledge of a programming language.
  • Has experience manipulating and analysing large amounts of data from numerous different sources.
  • Has exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Has a passion for growing talent and nurturing growth of all team members.
  • Is excited about hard, multi-year projects.
  • Likes getting their hands dirty, and understand theory is only proved by experiments.

Nice to have:

  • You have published research in an adjacent area to our core problem.
  • Has a passion and interest in photography.
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