Head of Marketing

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Location: Based in Auckland, New Zealand. May consider remote options.

About the Product:

Narrative is one of NZ’s fastest-growing software as a service (SaaS) companies with global customers. Narrative builds tools to serve the 5 million professional photographers worldwide, our flagship product (Select) uses Artificial Intelligence to help photographers find their best images from a photoshoot.

With thousands of users in more than 160 countries, Narrative is a unique opportunity to lead the marketing team for a B2C Saas serving a worldwide audience.

Narrative is backed by some of the best VC’s worldwide and with talent from Dropbox, Google, Uber and some of NZ's best developers working together to solve this.

After recently launching our beta (Narrative Select) we have thousands of photographers on a waitlist who are eager to get their hands on Select. We are in the space of category creation and we are looking for someone to lead our marketing direction. Come join a team of passionate photographers, designers and developers with proven success in the product space.

About the Role:

  • Working directly with the CEO you will be joining Narrative's team of 24 on the ground floor, you’ll be instrumental in building and honing both the company and marketing strategies.
  • You will work closely with all areas of the business to execute the marketing strategy. 
  • You will get your head inside photographers from all corners of the industry understanding customer problems to gain insights and lead marketing decisions.
  • You will be a member of Narrative’s leadership team, working to explore, and clarify the long term vision for Narrative, and our products. Getting in on the ground floor, you will also be tasked with creating the processes, structures, and mentorship across the company. In particular, you will lead, grow and nurture the marketing team, helping them strive to become experts in their field. 
  • You will be responsible for marketing our ever-growing set of products and building a world-class affiliate programme to drive our community and customer growth.
  • You will advocate for world-class process, tooling, and marketing cycles across all aspects of Narrative. 
  • You will work to share your knowledge, insights, and thought process with everyone, regardless of their team, or role. 
  • You will be a constant source of motivation and encouragement for a small but dedicated team, relentlessly chasing the future.

Some of the things you will work on:

  • Continuing to build out the critical foundations of an effective and scalable marketing function.
  • Proactively track marketing metrics and use marketing data to drive decision making.
  • Lead a team of marketing specialists to execute the marketing strategy.
  • Building the foundations of a world-class affiliate programme to drive our customer growth.

We’re looking for someone who can tick at least half of the boxes below:

  • Has experience marketing products to global customers.
  • Has SaaS, B2C and start-up experience.
  • Has experience marketing SaaS products from infancy to scale.
  • Can internalize an entire cross-functional business and lead a comprehensive marketing vision.
  • Has proven technical skills required for a generalist marketing role, as well as experience working with the overall business, UX/UI, marketing, customer and business development operations required to market a product. 
  • Has experience leading marketing teams and as a senior leader creating and driving strategy. 
  • Can roll their sleeves up and get into the marketing weeds where required, as well as lead others to find quick solutions. 
  • Has a scrappy, start-up mentality. Knows how to get stuff done with limited resources and start-up constraints.
  • Works well with the ambiguity, uncertainty and change that come with working in an early growth start-up.
  • Is solutions focussed, can quickly identify an issue and find the best (not perfect) solution to maintain momentum. 
  • Thinks critically from first principles, and is not deterred from the hard questions.
  • Has exceptional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Is a team player, who understands a team can only win when everyone is winning.
  • Is excited about impacting and changing the lives of photographers and the future of photography.
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