React Developer

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Updated 24th July 2019


You will be working across our Front-end team on multiple products and services. You will be working on exciting new web technology, testing and measuring performance of intensive functions traditionally not possible in the web. You will be working closely with the design team on a daily basis as we move fast on new features and product. You will get to write idiomatic, performant, and isolated React code day in and day out, and then see it live in the wild. Our users expect beautiful, fast, simple products to help them get their work done faster, you will take this to heart and work to keep this promise.


  1. Writing performant React code across multiple products.
  2. Writing tests and working to ensure consistent practices.
  3. Work with the design team to iterate and test ideas and new functionality.


  1. At least 3 years of real world experience with front-end software.
  2. Experience writing React code.
  3. Experience using Git and contributing to a codebase via the GitFlow methodology.
  4. Handy: experience writing TypeScript.
  5. Handy: understanding of GraphQL specification.
  6. Handy: experience with WebGL and Web Assembly.
  7. Handy: experience with the Electron.js framework and packages.
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