Ben and Sirjana

Tinted Photography  |  Judging Wedding category

Sirjana and Ben are a multi-award-winning husband and wife team specialising in planning and photographing adventures and elopements. Their work is a love letter to adventure. Waterfalls, lush green valleys, mountain peaks and rugged coast. They believe life and love are to be celebrated in monumental ways, with breathtaking experiences and stunning photos.

Josh Rose

Josh S Rose Photography  |  Judging Portrait category

Josh S. Rose spent two decades as an agency creative director before breaking out on his own to pursue photography and filmmaking. Rooted in classical styles and compositions, Rose has built a name for himself as a highly-sought after photographer. His most well-known work is in the field of documentary and, especially, in capturing creative people in creative ways.

Dania Watson

Lauren and Douglas  |  Judging Family category

Dania became passionate about the art of storytelling during a 10 year stint working as a filmmaker/editor/technical jack of all trades in a small non-profit documentary filmmaking team and has since gone on to specialise in creating Birth and Lifestyle photos and films. Dania has been internationally published and has received several awards for her work. She and her husband live in Tropical North Queensland together with their 4 children and their pup, Banksii.