Feature: Smart Lazy Loading

By Narrative

What is smart lazy loading you may ask? Sounds fancy but it's really just a clever feature that allows a page to load lightning-fast.

Have you ever gone onto a site and had to wait for each image to load? Annoying right! All Narrative blog posts have Smart Lazy Loading which means each image loads faster than it would be if hosted on your own server, here's why:

Why is a fast blog important?

Google loves fast websites

Your site speed is crucial for good SEO. A faster site means people are more likely to spend longer on your page which Google then 'rewards' by ranking your site higher.

Don't make your website visitors wait

If your site visitors have to wait for a page to load it's likely your bounce rate will be higher which means potential clients are slipping through your fingers!

How do we make your website fast?

Why load bigger images that needed?

Narrative blog posts load like greased lightning on mobile. We create 5 different sizes, of each image you upload. This ensures that from whichever platform your visitors are viewing your post, they'll get the perfect image sizes for that device which results in super-fast load times.

Narrative's page loading is smart

In addition to all of the above, Narrative only loads what your users need to see. Only the content on the screen (and everything that is 2000 pixels below the screen) is loaded. This means that your blog post loads almost instantly and any viewers on your website never see images loading and they view the post.

Narrative images a cached in 194 cities worldwide

Trying to book more international work? Regardless of where your website visitors are located, with Narrative, your posts will load fast. Images from Narrative are cached in 194 locations worldwide. And yes, they are cached in Iceland too!

We hope that this feature ensures that wherever your blog visitors are they will have an amazing experience!

The results speak for themselves:

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