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We create software that revolutionizes the post-shoot workflow for professional photographers.

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What we do

Narrative is on a mission to radically change the way professional photographers interact with photography. By modernizing their workflow with smart software, we’re fundamentally disrupting the post photoshoot process which currently lacks an understanding of what a photo really is; a human story.

Our products bring together people and AI to help understand the humanity of photography, not just the technicality. We believe that these tools can unlock new possibilities for the photographer, allowing them to deliver richer stories through their photography.

Why we do it

We know, nobody starts a photography career hoping to sit behind a computer all day. Unfortunately, the reality is, that the average professional photographer spends four days behind a computer for every one day behind the camera. We don’t think that’s right, so we’re helping photographers spend more time doing what they love - taking photos and creating memories.

How we do it

Our team is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds including photographers, engineers, and marketers. We have roots in some of the worlds best tech companies including, Uber, Google, Dropbox, Microsoft and Xero. What draws us together is a passion to create revolutionary software.

Founded in Photography

Founded by James Broadbent, Narrative has humble beginnings in Auckland, New Zealand.

James is an internationally renowned photographer. He’s known as one of the photographers behind the duo Chasewild. James has spoken at photography conferences across Europe, America and Australasia. Check out some of James’s work including photoshoots in Morocco, the Faroe Islands, India, Italy and more.

Now recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading startups, Narrative is now a team of 22 building tools for professional photographers.

Backed by the best

We’re an NZ startup financially backed by some of the worlds biggest VCs.

Founders Fund
NZ Growth Capital Partners
Icehouse Ventures

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