How Narrative Publish Will Help You Succeed On Pinterest

By Second Fiddle

As a business owner, you know that social media is a powerful tool for growing your brand. You have mastered your strategy for Instagram or Facebook, but did you know that Pinterest is full of incredible opportunities to get exposure for your business? With 116 million new users joining their platform between 2019 and 2020 alone, Pinterest has had significant increases in the number of users on their site year on year, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Let’s look at how Narrative can help you to succeed on Pinterest!

Narrative Publish will help you succeed on Pinterest because Narrative makes blogging so easy - and a great blog is the key to a great Pinterest strategy. Read on for more information on how this works!

Blogging: the key to succeed on Pinterest

At Second Fiddle, we’ve discovered that the best way to start generating revenue from Pinterest is actually to start with your blog. That’s a little surprising, right? But the more you think about it, the more it makes sense.

Every Pin on Pinterest is linked back to a website, which means that every time someone sees your Pin, they are only one click away from landing on your site and seeing more of your gorgeous photography. You can’t separate your Pinterest from your website, so let’s look at a few ways that having an amazing website will help you to succeed on Pinterest:

A great blog boosts your Pin ‘rating’

This gets a little technical, but stick with us: just like Google or other search engines, Pinterest brings up results in response to its users’ search terms. It also populates the ‘home feed’ with recommended Pins based on a variety of factors, including previous searches and the Pins that have already been Pinned. Pinterest uses algorithms to give each Pin a quality rating and decide what Pins end up in the search results and on the home feed. To succeed on Pinterest, you want to create Pins that the algorithm rates highly and recommends to users.

One of the things that Pinterest takes into account when it decides this rating is the website the Pin links back to. There are plenty of Pins that link to websites that don’t have any relevance to the Pin they are connected to - and as a user, that’s really frustrating! No one wants to click on a Pin thinking that they are getting a fudge cake recipe (for example) and end up on the about-page of a food writer.

So, to help solve this problem, Pinterest gives a higher rating to Pins that have the same language in their descriptions and on the web pages they link back to. For example: say you’re a wedding photographer and you Pin an image of a couple getting married on the beach. If you link it back to a blog called ‘Beautiful Beach Wedding in Florida’, your Pin will do better than if you just linked back to a generic welcome page. So, having a great blog helps you to succeed on Pinterest because your Pins will link back to relevant pages and Pinterest will show them to more people!

A great blog improves user experience

Like we just discussed, to succeed on Pinterest you want to make sure that if someone clicks on one of your Pins and ends up on your website, it is really easy for them to find what they are looking for. If they clicked on a photograph from one of your shoots, the likelihood is that they’d like to see more photographs from that session, specifically.

So if they click on your Pin and end up on a general welcome page, they’re faced with a decision: do I take the time to hunt through this photographer’s website to find more of the photos I’m interested in, or do I just head back to Pinterest?

Nine times out of ten, users are not going to do the extra work to navigate your website. So, to streamline the user experience and succeed on Pinterest, you want each photograph you Pin to link back to a blog post with more of the same photos. At Second Fiddle, we call these pages ‘Portfolio blogs’, and they are a great way to instantly turn a casual Pinner into a potential client.

The best part? When you use Narrative, making these portfolio blogs is incredibly easy.

A great blog creates connection with clients

When people like one of your Pins, click through to your blog and see a great blog post with more of the beautiful photography they were looking for, this transition can warm them up to now want to discover more of your site. They start to build a connection with you, which can ultimately end in them hiring you or purchasing from you.

Remember: learning how to succeed on Pinterest isn’t just about getting rePinned a lot. It’s about using Pins to attract customers or clients. Having a great blog is the key stepping stone between an amazing Pin and making an actual booking or sale.

Narrative Publish makes great blogging easy

That’s why Narrative will help you succeed on Pinterest! The software that Narrative equips you with makes it incredibly easy to create first-class portfolio blogs. 

With Narrative, you can write your blog - and, crucially, you can arrange your photos in beautiful ways to create displays of your talent. Narrative also allows you to add alt text for each photograph and take care of other SEO factors like a meta description. 

One of the things we like the most about Narrative, and the key to how it will help you succeed on Pinterest, is how easy it is to create Pins straight out of your blog:

Narrative Publish makes creating Pins easy

So you’ve crafted a beautiful page on your website full of incredible images, and you want to make it super easy to turn these pictures into Pins. You’ve installed the ‘Pin It’ Widget on your site, and you click on it to Pin your first picture. But when you go to Pinterest, instead of just the one photograph, it’s stuck all of the collage together!

Sound familiar?

Many website editing softwares and plugins allow you to create collages and displays of photographs, but end up merging all the images together into one JPG, which means you can’t create Pins of the individual images.

Not with Narrative! Narrative Publish allows you to Pin every single photograph individually. It doesn’t meld all the images on your blog together into one file, which means that it is so simple to post each image as a Pin. This takes so much of the work out of trying to succeed on Pinterest!

Narrative Publish makes content count

One of the keys to success on Pinterest is very simple: Just keep on Pinning. Consistent Pinning is a great way to improve your ‘rating’ as a Pin creator and get your content out there to more people.

How does Narrative help? 

Narrative helps you to stretch your website content into multiple Pins. When you have a blog post with a variety of photos, the fact that you can turn each one into a Pin means that one single update on your site will generate days of content on your Pinterest. This is another reason why we recommend Narrative to all our clients!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this has taken some of the mystery out of how to succeed on Pinterest! We have found that blogs really are the key to a strategy for how to succeed on Pinterest, and Narrative has been an invaluable resource for making that happen. For more tips and tricks for how to create a killer Pinterest strategy, check out Second Fiddle! We have a blog full of time-tested Pinterest expertise, and we’d love to work with you. But before you go, give Narrative Publish a look. You won’t regret it!