Wedding Photography Marketing Tips That Will Get You Ahead of the Competition

By Second Fiddle

Want some fresh wedding photography marketing tips to take your business to the next level? You’re in the right place! Here at Second Fiddle, we know what it takes to get wedding photographers where they want to go, and we love helping them get there. So we’ve put together some top wedding photography marketing tips. Enjoy!

Wedding photography marketing tips for social media

It’s impossible to give wedding photography marketing tips without mentioning social media - it is one of the greatest tools you have for growing your business!

Run a Giveaway

This is one of the  wedding photography marketing tips designed to increase your reach and your following on Instagram: run a giveaway. Connect with a business whose audience is the demographic you want to reach but who doesn’t have a huge overlap with you in terms of followers: a wedding vendor of some kind may be the most likely partnership, but think of a prize even those who aren’t planning a wedding would enjoy - you could team up with a bakery, a florist, or even a travel agent! Offer something you know your followers would love, but that isn’t going to take too much of your own time - a mini-photoshoot, perhaps.

Pinterest Is a Goldmine

When you’re planning how to market your wedding photography business, do not ignore Pinterest! This platform is a goldmine for wedding photographers: Did you know that Pinterest users collectively pin around 900 million wedding pins every year?

Kickstart your Pinterest journey with our explanation of how to get followers on Pinterest. Make sure you have a business account and you’ve ‘claimed’ your site so that your Pins link straight back to you. 

When it comes to designing your pins, add in a mix of graphics and straight images - a combination tends to be better than just one kind of Pin. If making graphics is new to you, look into sites like Canva which help you to simplify the process. Narrative is also a secret weapon to help you succeed on Pinterest, so make sure you’ve got it! 

Wedding photography marketing tips for creating win-wins

Some of the best wedding photography marketing tips are ones that create win-wins with you and other vendors - where you can connect with other businesses to boost the brands and share the client pools of everyone involved.

Share About Other Vendors

One of the strongest wedding photography marketing tips is to create partnerships with fellow wedding vendors. Include a list of recommended local vendors on your website when you blog about the weddings you’ve done, and, in return, ask to be included on the websites and social media posts of other vendors. People booking one thing are likely to trust the recommendations about where else to look, so this is a helpful way to build credibility and increase your reach.

Feature in Wedding Blogs and Magazines

Getting your work featured on wedding blogs and in magazines is a fantastic way to reach people who would otherwise never have heard of you. Start submitting to local publications, and come up with a story angle to attach to your images when you send them in. 

Most importantly: don’t give up! That advice could work for any of these wedding photography marketing tips, but persistence will particularly help you create connections with editors when you’re trying to get your work published.

Wedding photography marketing tips for your website

All of the wedding photography marketing tips so far have been focused on getting exposure, which should funnel people to your website. If you’re getting people to your website, you’re doing something right!

When they land there, you want this website to be as impressive, clear, and on-brand as possible. Make sure that it shows your style clearly and showcases your best work.

Keep Blogging

Lesser-known among wedding photography marketing tips is that your blog is a powerful tool to increase your Search Engine Optimization standing. This algorithm determines Google rankings and the exposure of your website. In other words: will you come up when people Google about wedding photography in your area?

Regular and specific blog content will help you do this! We love using Narrative Publish to create blogs for wedding photography, because they make it so easy to create a portfolio blog post that showcases so many gorgeous images all in one place - crucial for any wedding photographer’s blog software!

Client Testimonial Videos

One of the killer wedding photography marketing tips is to ask your very happiest clients if they would be willing for you to film a short interview about working with you, and have that on your website for potential clients to watch. Nothing builds credibility like the evidence of a job well done! Video is particularly effective as a format because it will show the genuine joy and happiness of the couples you’ve worked with.

Wedding photography marketing tips to connect in person

As you consider how to market your wedding photography business, now is the time to consider the ideal client you are aiming for. Strategic marketing starts with a target audience - the ideal client you are trying to reach. What kind of weddings are you finding success in? What is the ‘vibe’ of the couples you’re working with, and do you want to lean into it or change it?

Meet Brides in Bridal Boutiques

You don’t just want eyes on your work, you want the right eyes. One way to do that is to create a relationship with the kind of bridal boutiques that cater to the demographic of brides you are hoping to attract. Going into a wedding dress shop and offering a free mini photoshoot of soon-to-be brides who have found their dream dress can be an excellent way to spend a few hours every month! You’ll give the bride a taste of your style of photography, direct her to your website, and connect with her on a personal level. All this means that when you email her the photos, you already have an open conversation about wedding photography.

Where Are Your Ideal Clients?

Another one of the wedding photography marketing tips that help to get the right eyes on your photography is to go where your ideal clients are. Once you’ve decided on your ideal client, start thinking about the niche interests and lifestyle choices they might make. What kind of pursuits and hobbies might your ideal couple be interested in? Camping, concerts, conferences - begin to think about where they might be spending time.

Then, research local, interest-based events - the more specific to a hobby, a faith group, or an interest, the better - and do some thinking about how you can contribute to those spaces. Many events are very open to photographers sharing about some aspect of their work - particularly if it means they get a few shots of their own. Sometimes simply a display stall of your work would be welcomed. Other times it is an interactive photo booth, or a expertise-led talk or online workshop - get creative, then be ready with your business cards!

Final Thoughts

We hope this list of wedding photography marketing tips has got you feeling inspired! You can see that there are so many unique ways to expand your audience and connect with your clients. If these wedding photography marketing tips have been helpful, there’s more where that came from! Head on over to Second Fiddle to learn more.