Become a Narrative Ambassador

By Rebecca Bradley

Do you love Narrative and already sing our praises to your audience? We want you as an Ambassador! 

What’s in it for you?

  • Free Pro subscription on Narrative Publish worth $180 USD

  • Free Pro subscription on Narrative Select worth $150 USD

  • $15 USD for each active user you generate on either product  

  • Opportunity to be a guest blogger

  • Have your work featured on our Instagram 

  • A welcome pack with Narrative Swag 

What we would love in return:

  • Show your audience how you use both apps (example: an IGTV your post production workflow) 

  • Do a demo of either app at your next workshop (if applicable)

  • Include a module about how you use either app in one of your courses (if applicable)

Remember, the more you share and tag us on your social channels, the more commission you’re likely to make! 

What we are looking for: 

  • 10k + followers on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube OR are an industry leader though other means such as teaching your own workshops, speaking at conferences or have photography awards

  • You have a genuine passion for our products

  • You can share about your personal experience with the apps and how they have helped you

  • Your content ideas are fun, unique and engaging 

Things to know:

  • Our ambassador terms run for 12-months, when the period is up there will be the option to renew the agreement. To have your ambassadorship renewed, we expect you to have referred a number of active users within the 12 month period. 

Ready to jump in?

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