Five Benefits of AI Culling for Photographers (+ A Special Offer)

By Narrative Team

As photographers, we often find ourselves sorting through thousands of images from a single event. Each photo holds a potential piece of a story, and it takes hours of your time and attention to select the right ones. 

This is where AI culling can be your best friend. AI turns the arduous task of sorting into an efficient, precise process.

By analyzing your RAW images against a range of criteria, AI culling tools like Narrative Select can significantly reduce the time you spend on selection—some photographers report cutting their culling time by as much as half. This gives you more time for editing, managing your business, doing more shoots, or whatever your heart desires. 

Saving time is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are five more reasons why AI culling could be your next smart investment - and why you should consider a limited-time offer for Narrative Select and Narrative Publish.

5 Benefits of AI Culling vs Manual Culling

  • Reduce Culling Fatigue. Manual culling means viewing dozens of nearly identical photos to choose the images with the best lighting, focus, and subjects. AI removes the human element of fatigue and remains objective for a more efficient and precise cull.

    Ready for more clients? When you have the ability to get more culling done at a faster pace, you can scale your business without compromising your results.
  • Improve Quality Control. AI systems apply the same standards to each image, ensuring a consistent level of quality and highlighting potential issues earlier. With advanced features like face and scene assessments, AI culling tools quickly identify which photos are less desirable or reveal the best shot in a sequence. Close-up panels are especially helpful in group shots, where it can be difficult to see all of the faces. Plus, you can easily maintain your style and personal brand across galleries.

  • Enhance Creativity. The AI software is like an assistant that works with you - not for you - to speed up your culling, but you hold the reins, making the final call on which photos best capture the story you’re telling. By putting less effort into a repetitive task, you can redirect your energy to where it thrives—crafting shoots and visual narratives that resonate with your artistic voice. 

The art of culling is not just finding the best photos. [It’s finding] the photos which tell the story from your perspective and show your style and approach. I really truly believe that one of the things that defines the difference between a good photographer and a great photographer is the way they select their images. You have inside knowledge because you spent the whole day with these people. Maybe you saw this moment that wasn’t a perfect photo but that photo would mean so much to them, and you know that because you were there. I am a huge advocate for the importance of the human aspect of photo selection.

- James Broadbent, CEO of Narrative

  • Work Faster. Time is money, especially for freelancers. Streamlining your workflow with AI culling can save you both. Faster culling means faster delivery times, enhancing customer satisfaction and potentially increasing referrals and repeat business. Plus, you can shoot as many photos as you like, knowing that AI can help you quickly pinpoint the perfect shots that encapsulate the desired moments.

  • Have more time. We know, we already mentioned time, but we want to bring it up in the context of maintaining a crucial work-life balance. Speeding up your post-shoot workflow with AI is just one way to give yourself more time to recharge the passion that drew you to photography in the first place. Check out ‘Striking the Perfect Work-Life Balance in Photography’ for more tips to take on the challenge of balancing your career with having a life.

Get AI Culling for Life

Our goal at Narrative is to support photographers and their creativity by giving you more time to do what you love. We designed two tools to speed up your post-shoot workflow: Narrative Select, our easy-to-use AI culling tool that automatically connects with Lightroom, and Narrative Publish, a platform that makes blogging fast and easy.

For a limited time, we are offering a lifetime subscription to Select or Publish (or both!) for a one-off payment. 

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to revolutionize your workflow. This offer is only good until November 30.