How To Get More Photography Clients | 5 Strategies That Actually Work

By Narrative Team

In the ever-evolving landscape of photography, standing out and getting consistent clients is a challenge many photographers face. Social networks come and go, Google changes its algorithms, and, in general, there’s no guarantee that what worked before will work today.  By employing effective marketing strategies tailored to your craft, you can maximize your reach and convert potential leads into loyal clients. In this article, we’ll teach you how to get more photography clients with five strategies that actually work.

Supercharge Your Referral Marketing with Same Day Slideshows

In the age of instant gratification, speed is a competitive advantage. If you're a wedding or event photographer, consider harnessing the power of same-day slideshows. After capturing moments throughout the day, take some time to quickly edit a selection of these shots. Then, display these images on an iPad or project them for attendees to view. This immediate showcase not only impresses your clients but also sparks conversations among attendees, effectively serving as a live portfolio of your work.

Here are a few tips for creating same-day slideshows:

  1. If your camera has the functionality, rate or star your images throughout the event so that you can quickly and easily access the best photos taken.
  2. Use a fast editing workflow that includes Narrative AI culling and a great set of Lightroom Presets.
  3. Ask the DJ or event coordinator if the client has rented a projector.  If so, ask them to display some of the images on the projector throughout the event.
  4. If you’re using an iPad, consider placing your business cards next to the display.  Of course, check with the clients or the event coordinator first to get permission.


Deliver and Post Images within 1 Day of the Event

Timeliness is key, especially in the social media era. Quickly delivering a sneak peek of the event's photographs can maximize the marketing potential of your work. When the event's excitement is still fresh, clients and attendees are more likely to share and engage with your posts. Remember to tag your clients and other event vendors, enhancing visibility and collaborative promotion.  Also, send the images to the clients and the vendors involved so that they can share on their social media as well.  Conversely, delaying posts can lead to diminished buzz and fewer shares.

Here are a few tips for delivering and promoting the photos:

  1. On Instagram, add the clients and/or the vendors as “collaborators.”  This enhances the visibility of the posts, as it displays the post organically on their feeds as well as yours.
  2. Include clear instructions on how to credit you and how they can use the photos to avoid any uncertainty around image rights.
  3. Consider pre-populating your caption and your vendor credits so that you can quickly and easily copy and paste it into your social media posts.


Win Awards and Get Featured

While awards might not translate directly into bookings or sales, they offer significant indirect value. Winning a photography award or being featured in notable publications can bolster your credibility. As clients sift through countless photographer profiles, these accolades serve as third-party endorsements of your expertise, setting you apart from the competition.  

Here are a few tips for getting awards and features:

  1. Choose one or two awards platforms to join in your photography niche.  For wedding photographers, consider directories like Wedding Maps.
  2. When you win awards, make sure you give the award proper “hype,” sharing the award on your social media and showcasing your accomplishments somewhere on your website
  3. Consider adding a “featured in” section on your homepage that showcases all of the places you’ve been featured and awarded.


Use Pinterest!

Pinterest, though sometimes overlooked, is a goldmine for photographers. This visual platform caters perfectly to showcasing and sharing your work. As you craft mesmerizing shots, pin them to curated boards. Engage with your clients by encouraging them to pin images from your website onto their mood boards or style boards. This collaboration not only helps you grasp their vision but also propels your images into Pinterest's recommendation engine, amplifying your reach.

Here are a few tips for using Pinterest boards:

  1. Make the process as easy as possible by adding the “Pin it” button on your website. To do this, follow these instructions.
  2. Ensure that your profile consists of your best work and a compelling bio.  Also, make sure it’s linked up to your website so that users have a clear way to get in touch.
  3. Use the Pinterest analytics tool to gauge the success, to see what types of images are performing well, and to modify your strategy over time.


Niche SEO

While search engine optimization (SEO) might seem daunting, it remains a powerful tool for driving organic traffic to your website. You don't need to rank first for every high-competition keyword. Instead, focus on niche, long-tail keywords related to your specialty. Consider optimizing for local photoshoot locations, event venues, and other specific search terms potential clients might use. This targeted approach can lead to better quality leads and higher conversion rates.

Here are a few tips for getting started with SEO:

  1. Make a list of your favorite shoot locations and venues, and create a dedicated page or blog entry for each one.
  2. Make a list of your favorite vendors, and create a dedicated page for each one.
  3. From there, work on building up your SEO knowledge, creating content and building links according to best practices.  Even if you never become an SEO expert, just doing a few of the basics should deliver positive results over time.

The path to getting more photography clients requires a blend of timeliness, visibility, credibility, strategic use of platforms, and targeted search optimization. By implementing these strategies, you're not only showcasing your skill but also actively engaging with potential clients in meaningful ways. The photography world is vast, but with the right tactics, you can carve out your unique space and thrive.