The Best Cloud-Based Backup Solutions for Professional Photographers

By Maddy Budd

Cloud storage is an important part of the backup process for photographers as it means you have a copy of your files off-site. That way, if anything happens to the copies you have at your home, say a flood or a fire destroys them, you can rest easy knowing you have another copy of your files in the cloud.

We suggest having your cloud-based storage as a part of a three-part back up system that includes an HDD/SSD, cloud-based storage and a NAS. Read our full guide of backing up your photoshoot here

There are many cloud storage options available and we’ve picked out some of the best for you.


Backblaze automated set-and-forget online backup service. It works with most file formats, including RAW files and can back up external devices. 

Speed: By default, Backblaze backs up at 256 kbps (about 3 GB/day.) However, if you have a faster connection, you can slide the Throttle setting to the right to backup faster.

File recovery: 30 days

Devices/users: 1 computer

Version history: Yes

Price/storage: $60USD year unlimited (not including downloads)


This is another automated service that you can set up once and it runs in the background. 

Speed: Their goal is 10gb day

File recovery: 45 days

Devices/users: 1 computer

Version history: Yes

Price/storage: $149 Unlimited 


Dropbox is an intuitive and effective cloud storage option that is easy to work into your workflow with online an offline syncing. 

Upload/download speed: Dropbox automatically throttles uploads to prevent any noticeable slowdown in browsing. Downloads are performed at the fastest download speed available. However, you can manually customize these bandwidth-usage settings.

File recovery: 180 days

Devices/users: Business users can link as many devices as they need

Version history: Yes

Price/storage: Starts at about $119 1TB

Hopefully, this helps you find the best Cloud Storage storage for you. 

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