Why your photography business needs a blog

By Rebecca Bradley

As photographers, blogging our work is something that can easily fall off our radar. When we look at the importance of blogging and the benefits it can provide for our photography business, we will be more likely to make it a priority. A blog of your latest work will add more value to your client experience, help you to rank higher on search engines and it's also an amazing way to showcase your work. Blogging is classed as a 'slow burn' marketing strategy as you can't expect to see results instantly, but the long-term benefits will be worth it. We have broken down the benefits of blogging into four key points as well as some tips for making blogging a little easier!

Boost your SEO

Google loves fresh content. When Google views your website, it will look for new content it can analyse. Google will not go back to your website again unless it detects NEW content. When you create a new blog post, you're including text, images and links that are all relevant to the search term you are trying to rank for. The more of this fresh, relevant content you create, the more likely someone in your target market will see your website in their search results.

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Adding value to your client experience

Over time you will notice your clients asking you the same questions. Create a blog post about each question and send your clients a list of relevant blog posts when the book you. For example, you could create a blog post on 'creating your wedding day timeline' and include an example timeline in the post. This not only adds value to your clients but also establishes you as an expert which will build trust between you and your client.

Showcase your work

A blog is an amazing way to show more in-depth examples of your work. As the blog is separate from your portfolio, you can show the 'in-between-stuff' including funny moments that can add more personality to your work. If a client enquires and they are having their wedding at a venue you have shot before, you can send them the blog post at that venue. This once again builds trust with your potential client and it also allows them to imagine themselves in photos with you as the photographer!


Blogs are a great way to get more people onto your website. Once you have finished a blog post, send it to everyone who was involved in the day. If you tag all the vendors involved, there's a high chance that they will share the post with their own audience which will increase your website traffic substantially!

Blogs tell a story

People fall in love with stories. Galleries usually include 100s of images and without context can lack emotional impact. Blogs, on the other hand, can be carefully curated and include a story of the day which together are powerful.

If blogging has been on the back burner for you, hopefully, this gives you the push to get back into it. Blogging doesn't have to take hours, with Narrative Publish you can create a beautiful blog of your latest works in seconds! The long-term returns from blogging will be worth their weight in gold!