Tired of working from home? Come work in New Zealand!

By Chelsea Andrews

New Zealand has long been a destination for those who work in tech – as a place to retire, buy a sheep farm (or, ahem, build a bunker). 

Today, it’s known for something else: we’ve officially stamped out Covid-19. Schools are open, the surf is up, the trails are waiting, and life is back to normal (i.e. you won’t actually need a bunker).

Narrative is looking for tech talent to join us at our headquarters in Auckland. As one of New Zealand’s leading tech companies, we’re creating cutting edge AI software for photographers, used by thousands all over the world.   

We are building machine learning models to identify the desirability of a photo. Our team, with developers who came to us from Uber and Google, is building software to help photographers identify the best (or worst) images from a photoshoot, taking into account the subject's facial expression, whether eyes are open, and face is in focus. We erase the hours or days of frequently unpaid time a photographer spends behind a computer considering these questions manually.

While Narrative is a relatively fresh, two-year-old startup, our photo-culling software is already competitive with tech products built by large companies like Canon. We are backed by some of the biggest US- and NZ-based venture capital firms, and as soon as the government gives the all clear, we will be sponsoring work visas that allow people to move to New Zealand from abroad. 

For New Zealand-based product managers or software engineers interested in joining us, or for candidates abroad who wants a return to normal, pandemic-free life working with a passionate team of colleagues, we are actively recruiting for the following roles:

  • Head of AI:  You are fascinated by the role of artificial intelligence in speeding up and augmenting a photographer’s image selection process. This role will lead a passionate team of data scientists and engineers in the pursuit of image desirability. You will explore the nature of what makes a photo ‘good’, and in what situations people consider it ‘good’. You will have your finger on the pulse of the latest SOTA in all things image vision, and image perception. You enjoy the challenge of deep long term research, while shipping value adding to customers on a daily basis.
  • Head of Product: You possess a deep empathy for the photography community and the challenges they face in finding the perfect shots. This role will create the product roadmap for our existing and new products, improving features for our existing customer base and developing features for new customers.

We are also hiring for several other engineering, product, and data positions listed here.

If you find the intersection of photography and artificial intelligence as fascinating as we do, and are up for the challenge of blending art and science to augment the work of creatives, consider joining us in New Zealand to build AI for good!

Come join the Narrative team in New Zealand!